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The Bridge

Band Camp 2018 – The Bridge
Here I am, on my own,
why did I end up alone?
There used to be solid pillars in my life.
All that’s left, is the well known
and broken down bridge.

I have to choose a different path,
no matter how strange it may be seen.
So my journey goes on, as if it was meant to be.
I keep my hopes up high, that my steps
will bring me closer to me a new reality.


I open the door and I let in the light.
Relieved from the pain and the doubts.
I feel the fresh air embracing my skin.
Will it carry me to a new beginning?

I promise to try, to replace sorrow with joy
and yesterday’s worries with hope.
And to cherish the memories is
a way for me to cope.
I am glad to be here,
knowing – I didn’t fall from the bridge.


I turn around, look back at the bridge.
A monument, a memory of time passed.
The scars in my soul, I will carry through time.
A new life is waiting for me.

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